Try our various delicious chocolates

We provide chocolate varieties that are loved by all. Our variety of chocolate includes hazelnut, milk, dark and white chocolate.

We offer a wide range of chocolates with the finest ingredients in town. We use only the best cocoa powder to make our chocolates. Our luxuriant & velvety milk chocolate is creamy and smooth; our white chocolate is deliciously light with a subtle sweetness; our dark chocolate is rich and intense while being totally indulgent; our hazelnut chocolates are amazingly soft and buttery with an incredible nutty flavor.

Bittersweet chocolate has a dark, bitter flavor which is perfect for this time of year. Paired with the spicy notes, Bittersweet is the perfect Halloween treat.

We have a wide range of chocolate flavors this season!

It may or may not be the most sustainable option, but there’s something about chocolate that we just can’t resist.

Try our various delicious chocolates, from Bittersweet to Amaretto, and more.

Bittersweet is known for our chocolate superb taste and amazing ambience. We are a boutique chocolate shop located in Cape Town that offers an array of unique chocolates, cakes, and desserts. It’s time to take the Bittersweet experience with you wherever you go with the Bittersweet delivery service.

We have a wide variety of chocolate flavors and are sure you’ll love them.

Bittersweet is a new type of chocolate that uses ingredients like matcha, liquorice, cacao, rosemary, and lavender to create a chocolate that you can taste in every bite.

Our chocolates are vegan-friendly and certified kosher. We also make our own ganache using liquid nitrogen to keep the aroma of the chocolate around for as long as possible.

Bittersweet is a global chocolate brand that has been manufacturing chocolate since 1878. We would like you to try our different chocolates and tell us which one you liked the best!

Let us know which chocolate was your favorite by completing this short survey.

We have the finest chocolate collections on the market. Choose your favourite machine-made chocolate, artisanal truffles or a range of luxury caramels and candies.

We have a wide range of chocolates that we sell in our store. Our delicious range covers more than 100 different types and flavours, including handmade chocolates with cocoa beans imported from around the world.

We offer an extensive selection of different flavours for our chocolate selection including dark, white, milk and fruity varieties.

Bittersweet Chocolate is a long lasting brand of chocolate made in Ireland and has an interesting taste that boosts with each bite. Our assortment of Bittersweet chocolates includes over 60 different flavors!

Try our delicious chocolates today, they are sure to bring you back for more!

Bittersweet’s deliciously smooth chocolate is available in a wide range of flavors and shapes. They include Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Caramelized Hazelnut and more!

Bittersweet’s chocolates are perfect for the holidays. Try some of our Christmas Caramelized Hazelnut Chocolates or our beautiful Dark Chocolate Truffles with an exotic taste of Green Tea.

Bittersweet Chocolates are a contemporary online store that specializes in exotic gourmet chocolate. They offer a wide range of flavors such as espresso, dark chocolate, mint, honey and cinnamon.

The chocolates from Bittersweet are made to be as sweet and authentic as possible through their use of premium ingredients like organic cocoa beans from South America, Dutch cocoa beans and pure essential oils.

Bittersweet chocolate is made from cocoa beans and sugar, which has been mixed into a paste and then moulded into a solid. It tastes bitter, but it can be sweetened with sugar to make a sweeter product.

We hope you enjoy our variety of delicious chocolates that includes milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and mixed-chocolate truffles.

We have a wide variety of chocolate flavors and toppings to choose from. We also have options to order a box of chocolates, as well as personalized ones.

We’re the perfect destination for dessert lovers who are looking for something sweet and delicious. After all, we’ve got everything from an assortment of Hershey’s classic chocolate bars to Death by Chocolate truffles.

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